bedhead blogging at
12-27-04 19:52
i think that for now on i should spend one of the times that i post a week..and dedicate it to kellis mom...
shes such a bitch
that she needs to know just how many people hate her
she reads kellis post
an shes read mine before
so i hope she gets to read this one or one of the many up coming posts about her

now onto the post

so im on the phone with kelli an her mom has one of her regular bitch fits
like oh my god she had a bf
kelli did nothing..
now shes grounded or something because a sock was on the ground...
and tomorrow shell probibly get in more trouble because maybe the remote control needs batteries?
or something?
i think we should start a petition...
to get a lot of names
for no real reason...
but once we get the names ill go slap her mom